Fred Demara is widely known as “The Great Imposter” for posing as Dr. Joseph Cyr, a surgeon, who enlisted in the RCN and assigned to HMCS Stadacona in March 1951. In June of that year he joined the crew of HMCS Cayuga. His most notable surgical procedures were performed on some 16 Korean War combat casualties. A quick study, it was a miracle none of his patients died during surgery. An American, Ferdinand (Fred) Waldo Demara entered Canada and became a novitiate monk in Grand Falls. For more than a decade, Demara held positions in a number of religious orders; he also impersonated a psychologist, university lecturer, college department head, school teacher, and prison warden. Despite this impressive employment record, Demara — later to become famous as “The Great Imposter” — had obtained and held these posts on the basis of forged, stolen or nonexistent qualifications. (dnd)

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